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Old Time Radio Programs.
Classic Sci fi from the 50's
A Must have for OTR Collectors.

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Reviewer: gl1200phil - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 21, 2013
Subject: from original post
( This is copied from previous page)
These are great shows!! As each show is unique, & written by different writers, some obviously are better than others. Few will disappoint!

To address questions & comments below:

1. I don't know why my Android wouldn't play these files either, BUT I figured out how to make them play. Download the files to your device, then go to online file converter and convert them to mp3 files. Not sure what format they are currently, but this does the trick! Here's the URL:

a. Click on 'CHOOSE' by the first box. Then browse to the file that you downloaded.
1.On android devices you must go to your storage card first. It will be named
or something similar.
2. Then you need to find the folder with the file you want to convert. 'It will most likely be in a folder named "downloads" or possibly "music". The file will be named


b. Clicking on the file, will load it onto the web page. I like to lower the bitrate, to make the file smaller. These files are low fidelity, 16 bps shows no loss in quality.
c. Go a little furthet down the page and click on the "convert" button.
d. When the file has been converted, you'll get a message asking how you want to download the file, just like when you downloaded the file from
You will now get a playable file that will be in the same place as the original file you first downloaded.

2. I went to Counter Productions website also. While I didn't find any files to download, (I didn't look real hard) I didn't have any problems and it seemed like a legitimate website to me. no promises though...

3. Someone asked for other similar programs. Arch Obeler's Lights Out, The Inner Sanctum, The Creaking Door, The Weird Circle, and Suspense come to mind.
It's of a different genre, but I have to plug one of my very favorites, Elliott Lewis in The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen.
I hope this can be of value to someone!
Reviewer: CubanBach - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 2, 2009
Subject: What a Great Discovery
Actually the first I heard of these was on Old Time Radio Classics on XM Radio now Sirius/XM Radio.

But to find a slew of these truly mind absorbing programs is a goldmine!

Sure I enjoy some of the crime shows, The Shadow the Whistler, Dragnet, and some others...but for some reason, this type of drama truly transports me to another world. There's something really special about these programs...and I am so thrilled to have seen them here.

Thank you to the contributor!
Reviewer: TforThomas - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 24, 2008
Subject: X Minus 1 page 2
An incomplete list of my personal opinions.. but might give a new listener a hint of where to start.

560612_IfYouWasAMoklin.mp3 [3 of 5 stars]
560619_ProjectTrojan.mp3 [4 of 5 stars]
560717_TheOldDieRich.mp3 [4 of 5 stars]
560724_TheStarsAreTheStyx.mp3 [4 of 5 stars]
560807_TheLastMartian.mp3 [4 of 5 stars]
560814_TheSnowballEffect.mp3 [2 of 5 stars]
560904_TunnelUnderTheWorld.mp3 [5 stars]
560911_TheLifeboatMutiny.mp3 [4 of 5 stars]
560926_TheMapMakers.mp3 [5 stars. Really cool]
561003_ProtectiveMimicry.mp3 [3 of 5 stars]
561024_PicturesDontLie.mp3 [5 stars]
561031_SamThisIsYou.mp3 [3 of 5 stars. Fun]
561107_AppointmentInTomorrow.mp3 [4 of 5 stars]
561205_ThereWillComeSoftRainsZHour.mp3 [5 stars]
561212_Hostess.mp3 [5 stars. Isaac Asimov]
570102_TheMoonIsGreen.mp3 [3 of 5 stars]
570109_SaucerOfLonliness.mp3 [2 of 5 stars]
570116_TheGirlsFromEarth.mp3 [4 of 5 stars]
570123_OpenWarfare.mp3 [3 of 5 stars]
570130_Caretaker.mp3 [2 of 5 stars]
570410_SomethingForNothing.mp3 [3 of 5 stars]
570424_MansBestFriend.mp3 [3 of 5 stars.Neat,then Lame]
570627_TheCategoryInventor.mp3 [4 of 5 stars]
570704_SkulkingPermit.mp3 [3 of 5 stars. I like this one]
570711_EarlyModel.mp3 [4 of 5 stars]
570801_EndAsAWorld.mp3 [4 of 5 stars]
570808_TheScapegoat.mp3 [3 of 5 stars]
570815_AtThePost.mp3 [5 stars]
570822_DropDead.mp3 [5 stars]
570829_Volpla.mp3 [2 of 5 stars]
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